Visualizing Postwar Tokyo, Part 2

The history of postwar Tokyo reveals an essential feature of the modern city, i.e. the city as a place of visualities. In postwar Tokyo, countless gazes fell upon others; gazes from and upon Americans and the Emperor, gazes going up skyscrapers or rushing aggressively through the cityscape, and gazes twining and wriggling among classes, genders, and ethnic groups in downtown Tokyo. In Part 2, we will focus on the geopolitics of these gazes in modern Tokyo. What kinds of gazes fell upon the war orphans, the poor, and the marginalized groups in Tokyo? How did students themselves, who represented the vast accumulation of knowledge in Tokyo, perform in front of these gazes? Moreover, how did cinema or television shows, as media for these gazes, implicate the whole city? In answering these questions, we will identify the geopolitics historically involved in the practice of “visualizing postwar Tokyo.”

Supported Language(s): Japanese, English

Arts & Humanities Social Sciences



Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, The University of Tokyo

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  • Student A

    I thoroughly enjoyed this course and found the lectures interesting and detailed. A few times, as can be expected in any course, some points are not entirely clear, but overall the professor was engaging and the course material interesting. As for as improvements, I cannot suggest any at all.

  • Student B

    I loved the whole program so much! Impressive, engaging, deep. It is one of the programs-the three courses are equally fascinating-that left such a deep impression on me. In a sense,changed me....I am different person after the courses,opened my eyes for so many perspectives looked in multi-dimensions...I would also like to be able to download some of the videos in the course. I am so impressed! Special thanks to Professor Shunya Yoshimi. Amazing content presentation! I am very honored to have the chance to take the three courses of the program.

  • Student C

    This course was fascinating. I already loved the city, but to see it through the eyes of local people and through the context of history was brilliant!